A type of Epic Banana archival thing
Once upon a time, there was a game company called Epic Banana which consisted of two brothers, Ryan and Gibrian Foltz, making ridiculous freeware games on Macintosh computers.
For a number of people, playing these games on our old PPC Macs became one of those nostalgic things you always keep with you. However these files constantly disappear from the internet, so since I now have a site I'm consistently maintaining, I figured I'd reupload the files I have here for those who still wish to play them.

The original 17 or so games can be found under 'games,' and a few extra bits including the applications used to make them can be found under 'extras.'

There is now an official Epic Banana website up, for the upcoming release of the new EB game, DataJack!
In other news, I should get around to redesigning this place at some point. The minimalist caveman HTML look is getting a little old.

The manual included in "The Establishment" file wasn't opening for most people so I transcribed and poorly reconstructed it into a new format (download link is on the games page).