* A Day at Work - Tom's got a sucky office job life, which you can feel free to perpetuate in this simple, everyday life type game. Or you can destroy everyone and everything in the town. (Cocoa DR3)
* Alien Conspiracy - A boot shaped alien named Chum fights some other aliens over some stuff. (Cocoa DR3)
* the Bogus Guru - A collection of four minigames: The Hunted, Mannequin Wars, Non-Suicidal Edgar, and Rage of the Possum. (Klik N Play)
* Extreme Prejudice - Side scroller, infiltration/action type game. (Klik N Play)
* Games That Didn't Make It - A collection of reject/unfinished games from Epic Banana. (Various)
* Another Day at Work: Wednesday - is the sequel to 'A Day at Work' that essentially does everything the original was meant to. This is a kind of beta copy as the final game was never officially released. (Klik N Play)
* Gardyloo Golf - Play golf the way it was meant to be played. By setting fires on the course, hitting everything that moves and avoiding alligators. (Cocoa DR3)
* GunPlay - Deputy Dan shoots up some gang members. (Klik N Play)
* the Establishment - A classic. An infiltration spy epic which you can do with high tech gadgets and weapons, or just stroll in through the front door armed with a t-shirt and jeans. (Klik N Play)
Can't open the manual? Here is a reconstructed version of it in PDF format.
* Moshing Melvin - A moshing simulator that is all kinds of kicky, flaily awesome. (Klik N Play)
* Office Building - Tom is at it again, this time pretending to be an intern. From there you decide, be the ideal employee or unleash misery on the office employees. (Klik N Play)
* Pedestrian Devastation - Agent Paroxysm is a "protest enforcement officer" which pretty much comes down to ruining sad peoples' miserable attempts at public protests. (Klik N Play)
* Reaper Arena - A small side scroller special-ops military commando type set up. Some explosions and velociraptors ensue if I remember correctly. (Cocoa DR3)
* The Bitter End - A tamogotchi-esque diversion which consists of killing Epic Banana's Gib Foltz in various ways. (Klik N Play)
* Walton's Rampage - Save your goat! Medieval sidescrolling action! (Klik N Play)
* Yogurt Commercial - Tom has been hired to act in a commercial for yogurt. The fate of the advertisement is now in your hands. (Cocoa DR3)
* Yogurt Commercial 2 - A revamped version of Yogurt Commercial (also my personal favorite). Wreak havoc on the set of a commercial for yogurt like never before with the aid of explosives, baseball bats, and cursed dummies. (Klik N Play)
Epic Banana Games
So here is a fairly comprehensive collection of the original Epic Banana games. All files include their original content including instructions/read me files. These will only run on Mac OS classic or Classic environment (I've heard of people using Basilisk to emulate these on Windows however).
The new Intel Macs no longer support Classic environment, quite unfortunately. I would suggest Googling an emulator called Sheep Shaver, or for easier setup, a build of Sheep Shaver called "COI Chubby Bunny" which makes installation and running incredibly easy.
These games were compiled with 2 applications, Klik N Play and Cocoa DR3. Since they run differently, I have marked which games were made with which system.
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