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Questions, problems, feedback?
Feel free to contact me via email at barfquestion@hotmail.com. I seem to be one of the only people that still have original files. If anything is broken on the site please let me know. Alternatively if everything is working great, feel free to tell me as well. I don't have a lot of time in my animating schedule but I'll try to fix any problems that come up.
Cocoa DR3 is a very simple game creation utility for classic Macintosh operating systems. It was used to make the earlier Epic Banana games, and is available here with all the original tutorials and documentation.
Klik N Play is another simple game creation utility but is slightly more complicated than Cocoa DR3, and a little more unstable at times. This was used to create the majority of the games on this site and is a lot more versatile than Cocoa DR3 is.
Epic Banana eventually expanded from just Ryan and Gib to include work from new contributors such as Kyle Phaneuf, Joseph Pelham, Paul Bergeron, Martin Cuddy, and Nick Gaughan. These are a few of their games that I could find.

Adventure Joe
Dirt Jumper

Face Ball
StealthSpy: Episode 1
Stranded with Tim
Tank O' Fish
The Turtle
Zib: The Robot

If you manage to come across more games from other Epic Banana members, shoot me an email with the file attached and I'll upload them.

Coming eventually. My recording software wasn't working out and I managed to lock myself out of the YouTube account I had set up for gameplay footage.

More on this later when I have time to spare.
Data Jack is a brand new game Ryan is making. Described as "a spiritual successor to a Klik n Play title created in the late 90s," (presumably the Establishment) it's quickly turning into a very impressive looking game. Click the image to check out the development blog/page!
Joe Ponder is a game Ryan made for the TI-83 graphing calculator. I have never played it since I do not own one of those fancy link cables and my TI-83 is completely senile but apparently it's legit.